What We Offer

Bimz Metal offers a wide range of high quality steel products. Below is a list of some of our products;

Alumetal Windows

These windows are oppened the same as aluminium windows but its metal windows.

Sliding Window & Doors

Sliding windows also using metals same as doors.

Combined Alumetal Doors

These are doors which are combined with alumetal windows on its sides or single sides

Bunk Bed

This is a double bed with the other being ontop of the bottom bed

Standard & French Windows

These are normal windows which are ordnary windows than alumetal windows

Door Frames

Theseare just frames which you use to install a wooden door


We make sliding and side yard gates. These makes your fance look great according to your design. We make a wide variety of gate designs

Single Doors

We have many designs of doors.  We make single, double, 3/4 doors and many more

Moulding Bricks Machine

This is a bricks cement machine

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